Who is Margarita Aburto… 


 The story of the Margarita Aburto empire is about hard work, failure, success and unwavering fortitude.

It’s a success story of a woman, of a mother, of a business entrepreneur.

Margarita Aburto had problems with obesity since she was a child. Her nanny, Serenia, who originated from the Oaxaca’s mountain range in Mexico, began helping Margarita by, not only making changes in her diet but algo preparing anti-inflammatory teas and patchers of herbs that were applied directly on the skin. All of this awoke and interest in Margarita to familiarize herself with plant that had curing properties. Serenia invited Margarita on a trip to visit her home town and there she showed her the secrets of many plants with healing effects.

Recognizing Margarita’s enthusiasm in learning more about the magic that nature provides, her Grandmother, a brilliant doctor, supported her quest for knowledge by purchasing book about herbal medicines, uses of plants and anything else she could find on the subject. Margarita began experimenting on herself with the herbs she mixed together and the results motivated her to continue. Modifying the mixes, combining, adding ingredients, applying different varieties and experimenting with massage techniques until she succeeded in creating a lotion called Margarita Aburto Lotion and perfecting her own technique called Sculpting Massage.

In Acapulco, she works for 20 prosperous years in Margarita Aesthetics by applying her lotion among her other products until 1990 when she found he company “Margarita Aburto S.A. de C.V.

That same year, she gave distribution rights of her products to a U.S. based company in Los Angeles and diligently trained its personal in there newly constructed facility for two years. Due to financial problems and legalities that resulted from the construction of te facilities, the contract was cancelled along with the distribution.

At her return to Mexico in 1993, she began releasing her products on her own all over the country and currently has over 40 treatment centers where she applies her products and wants to open 10 more! Although this is an impressive amount, Margarita does not measure her success by the amount of facilities operating but by 50,000+ people who hace used her products and have all seen results. Success is truly reflected by serving and helping numerous men and women. 

The results seen in the mexicans have allowed the product to transcend borders and it is being applied in the United States of America, and Spain. Negotiations are currently underway for distribution in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, France and Italy.

In October of 2005, Margarita was recognized, and declared  “Top Marketing Woman of 2005” in the “World Congress of Marketing” by the National Institute of Marketing, the Latin American Confederation of association of Managers of Companies in Cleveland, Ohio USA.

Our  Awards

Successes, failures and strength.

November 2000

The Golden Trilogy award is the delivery of a statuette with the same name that was established in November 2000, consequence of the fifteenth Anniversary of the editorial registry Journalistic Trilogy. On November 20, 2006, the Steering Committee of this Editorial House handed the Golden Trilogy of Beauty Makers 2006 medal to Margarita Aburto Zaldívar, recognizing her professional excellence for its distinguished career, tenacity, talent and road full of preparation, contant struggles for health, aesthetic beauty and business culture.

October 22, 2005

IN OCTOBER 22, 2005 it was granted this recognition called America Grand Prix of Quality and Service to Mrs. Margarita Aburto Zaldívar for her merited development in her professional and comercial activities proving her leadership in quality and service.

November 9, 2006

The National Association of Journalists A.C. (CINPE for its initials in spanish Círculo Nacional de Periodistas) granted this recognition called Golden Sun to prominent personalities who are distinguished for their dedication, professionalism and excellence. On November 9, 2006, the CINPE along with the National Chamber of Women, A. C. awarded it to Mrs. Margarita Aburto Zaldívar for representing with dignity a premier company in favor of Natural beauty of the mexican woman.