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[aboutbox title=”Anel Noreña” sub_title=” Actress” icon=””]After suffering more than thirty years trying to regain my figure, I discovered Margarita Aburto’s SCUPTURAL ice Massage ® that changed my life and gave me the power to be able. [/aboutbox]
[aboutbox title=”Olga Bressking” sub_title=” Violinist and Actress” icon=””]This miracle product managed to help me recover, slim, tone and beautify my body and face.
I recommend it thoroughly.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox title=”Cynthia Hdz” sub_title=”Actress” icon=””]Since i know the amazing Margarita Aburto’s SCUPTURAL ice Massage ® I keep my figure each time i need it, without complications. It also helps me get rid of cellulite, stretch marks and sagged skin, keeping my body and face as i want it to be. Thank you Margarita Aburto.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox title=”Anahí Trujillo” sub_title=” Housewife” icon=””]Quiero compartir este maravilloso tratamiento de Scultural Ice de Margarita Aburto que me ha cambiado la vida estos son los resultados de 20 hielos aplicados en dos semanas gracias.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox title=”Lilia” sub_title=” Client” icon=””]I’m amazed! I cannot believe how much weight i lost in such a short period of time. You have to feel great physically, not because of how others see you, what’s important is how you see yourself. [/aboutbox]
[aboutbox title=”Marlen” sub_title=”Student” icon=””]I do believe! Margarita Aburto helped shape my body like the abdomen line, the waist, the curve and lift my butt. All this can be perceived, people that knew me before, see me and notice the change and tell me.
This treatment is actually recommended because you see the results immediately and you don’t have to ingest anything to make it work.
It doesn’t give you chills, it is a relaxing massage that make your skin feel different, smoother [/aboutbox]