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Sculptural Ice

[span class=lead] Corporal Sculptural Massage® is a cold modeling therapy that is merged with three basic elements: Natural ingredients, ice and Sculptural Massage® [/span]



The results obtained are due to the fusion of these three elements. Natural ingredients: mostly barks, roots, leaves, flowers and other toned substances and nutrients that help reestablish the natural balance of the skin.

The ice: it is used for its therapeutical benefits, cosmetic and thermogenics, besides it strengthens the natural ingredients and allows to perform the massage appropriately.

Scuptural Massage®: is the correct technique  of cold modeling application, which is based in the perfect combination of lymphatic massage, reductive massage and relaxing massage. Corporal Sculptural Massage ® is the Margarita Aburto’s professional therapy of cold modelingg application

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[p class=”lead text-center”]Once you follow these recommendations you will have it ready to apply whenever you want![highlight][/highlight][/p]

[aboutbox title=”1.- Stir the product. ” sub_title=””]Shake well!
Will be necessary shake the lotion to mix well all the ingredients, so when the it’s freeze, all the ingredients ends well scattered in the ice.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox title=”2.- Freeze the product” sub_title=”” icon=”social-github”]Do not open the lotions until they are frozen. (At least 48 hours)[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox title=”3.- Freezes 48 hours” sub_title=”” icon=”ios7-speedometer-outline”]Freeze the product preferably to the wall of the freezer for at least 48 hrs. Before applying it, read the instructions in detail.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox title=”4.- Take note” sub_title=”” icon=”map”]If possible take notes of your measurements and generate a record prior to your sessions.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox title=”5.- Sculptural massage” sub_title=”” icon=”ionic”]Apply the product, following the movements recommended for the whole body, identify the areas of your body with greater accumulation of fat.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox title=”6.- Find better results” sub_title=”” icon=”paper-airplane”]Always perform the same movement and time on both sides of the body, in order to work on problem areas equally[/aboutbox]

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[span class=lead]We send you sculptural ice to every republic.[/span]

[st_price type=”1″ title=”Facial Autoaplicable” price_amount=”$275.00″ price_currency=”” signup_text=”Buy now”][strong]Autoaplicable[/strong] [strong]1 Facial astringent lotion [/strong] [/st_price]
[st_price type=”3″ title=”Facial 5 pack” price_amount=”$1200.00″ price_currency=”” signup_text=”Buy now”][strong]Autoaplicable[/strong] [strong]5 Facial astringent lotions[/strong] [strong]Best price[/strong][/st_price]
[st_price type=”2″ title=”Corporal 5 pack autoaplicable” price_amount=”$1,500.00″ price_currency=”” signup_text=”Buy now”][strong]Autoaplicable[/strong] [strong]Best price[/strong] [/st_price]

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